Is it the ringing of the wedding bells or just the ringing of the cash register? The truth that few of us like to admit is that planning your dream day can be anything but inexpensive, especially if you miss your budget. From the suppliers of supplies to jewelry, flowers and your dress – everything has a small price. And before you get out your checkbook, you need to figure out how much each part of the celebration is worth.

Of course, one of your first purchases is probably stationary, so you can inform your guests about when a big event will be held. Wedding invitations will be the first purchase that those who are going to attend your wedding will see. There are many factors to consider here, such as the style of decoration suitable for your wedding and the amount of information you need to provide. But first, let’s talk about the cost. Here we look at how much wedding invitations cost and, most importantly, how you can save money.

Average cost of wedding invitations

Your wedding invitations set the tone for the entire event — they are the first thing your guests see and often give an insight into the style and theme of the event. Of course, they are probably also your first real expenses. Couples spend on average to send out wedding invitations before they get married, according to Statista. However, an expert points out that the amount of expenses can vary significantly.

“The cost of wedding invitations can vary greatly depending on whether you choose semi-individual invitations, select an existing design and make only minor changes to the text or material, or if you make them entirely to order, if the decoration and all elements of the stationery are made to order.” says Kelly Nudo, account manager at Momentary Designs.

“Semi-personalized invitations can only cost a few dollars at a time, while fully personalized invitations are usually based on a specific selection and often an additional fee is charged for the work of artists or graphic designers,” Nudo continues. “There is no general standard when it comes to the prices for invitations, but the total cost is usually about 10% of the total wedding budget.”

Are your wallets tightly filled? If you are looking for ways to reduce the overall cost of your wedding, it is a wise decision to start with invitations. Since this type of stationery can vary in style, quality and individual order, there are many ways to make your items more affordable. Here are seven tips that will help you save money.