So, the newlyweds (or the newlywed couple) have overcome the notoriously stressful part of their wedding celebration and are done with it. Congratulations! As one of the couple’s biggest supporters, of course, your goal is to make the wedding day and the events ahead of it as fun, memorable and free of unnecessary worry as possible. Of course, this is much easier said than done, especially if you give her the always so important title of a bridesmaid or a witness (or guest of honor or best man).

But not all important tasks have to fall into the hands of these two special people.

“Delegate, delegate, delegate!””, advises Olivia Nicoletti of Olive Fine Weddings & Events. “You decided to have a wedding celebration because you are close to the couple, but no one should take all the responsibility before a significant day.”

To better understand how to distribute tasks between bridesmaids and groomsmen, we talked to Nicoletti, who recommends focusing less on the details of the tasks (which a wedding organizer can perform) and more on the distribution of larger roles in four different categories.

Master of Communication

Whether it is a close relative or a best friend from childhood, a spouse should serve as a link between all the famous guests and both sides of the family. This person usually has connections with most of the invited people and is an expert in publicizing specific requests or requests from all sides.

“This role is most often performed by the maid or the groom of the bride, simply because they were the most involved in the wedding planning process and best understand the specific needs and tasks of each, ” explains Nicoletti. “You will also be a guardian on the wedding day to make last-minute decisions to put out fires if something goes wrong.”

Your most important communicator will also be the person on whom the wedding organizer relies to convey important information about delays, last minute changes and places where people should be.

Cheerful captain
“It’s someone who can take care that the beer can be transported on a cart, make music, take photos and be a hype,” says Nicoletti, who says that it is important to identify someone who is not only the soul of a party, but also an aspiring spirit, is an extrovert and knows how to make people smile.

“This role is often transferred to a gentleman from the groom’s side, because he has less to do on the wedding day, while the wedding celebration is preparing,” she adds. “So many couples worry about whether their guests are having fun or not. When someone is called the “captain of fun”, a couple can focus more on the impressions of their wedding day, rather than trying to cope with it.

Although the “funny role” — as you may have already guessed – is fun, make sure that you rely only on someone you can trust. You don’t want this person to be so funny (even tipsy) that he takes possession of all the attention of a happy couple.

Emotional leader

It’s no secret that emotions are alive on the wedding day. The fact that someone performs the functions of an emergency therapist and an emotional bodyguard will benefit all participants.

“Appoint someone to supervise the couple to make sure that they do not reject the parents’ requests for deadlines and feel supported, happy and satiated, ” advises Nicoletti. “This person can also track all the important personalities with whom the couple wants to avoid communicating for too long.”

“Always remember that couples, especially brides, are at the center of a huge emotional load associated with family drama and stress during planning. Having a loved one who can read the bride well and knows when she will be overtaken can help solve problems from the very beginning,” she adds.