You found the perfect place, attracted bestsellers and chose the most beautiful cake. Now it’s time to send out invitations for the big day! But you can’t just send an old invitation – your wedding invitation should give an idea of the wedding style you are planning and provide guests with the most important information, all packed into a beautiful design.

Acrylic wedding invitations can be an elegant and minimalistic option that you have been looking for so long to declare yourself. However, there are certainly a few things to consider when you go down this path.

Which wedding styles work best?

The beauty of acrylic is that it is incredibly adaptable. Acrylic is a plastic similar to glass. However, it is much more transparent and, of course, weighs less than glass. Thanks to this adaptability, an acrylic invitation can be dressed in a super luxurious design or in a minimalist approach, which ultimately makes it possible to adapt to the aesthetics of any wedding.

“Modern weddings rely on acrylic more than anyone else,” says Chris Neubauer, owner of Yonder Design. And this is usually accompanied by clear lines. However, Neubauer says that due to the individual potential of acrylic, the material can take many other forms. “We can soften the design by using moss, sand, flowers and other natural elements,” he explains. “Acrylic invitations can be banal and thematic if they are not made using a certain amount of varnish””

How do I choose a design?

According to Neubauer, at the most basic level, an acrylic invitation is a piece of hard acrylic cut with an impression. But since acrylic invitations can really come in different shapes, it’s important to weigh the many design options and materials when you make your choice.

“For weddings, acrylic is usually a light color or a non-standard mixture to make it look like marble or quartz,” says Neubauer. And although a simple coloring option is a more popular choice for weddings, acrylic can be made in almost any color. According to Neubauer, ⅛ inch thickness is the standard for acrylic invitations. However, the thickness of the materials may also vary depending on your preferences.

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For many weddings, acrylic is an excellent material that can be combined with other options for creating an exquisite image. “For more complex acrylic loads, several pieces of acrylic are combined with other materials to create framed or superimposed effects,” explains Neubauer. Acrylic invitations can consist of two pieces of material sandwiched between pressed and dried flowers, beautiful green mosses, or even a hand-drawn pattern.

In general, it’s more important to discuss your design goals with your designer and ask a lot of questions to make sure you get the best solution for the aesthetics of your wedding. “What looks beautiful in a photo can be very different from you personally,” Neubauer notes.

How much do invitations cost ?

As with any other set of invitations, the cost of the acrylic version of the invitation certainly varies. A simple printed acrylic insert is certainly affordable than a polished version with multiple details or multi-layered effects. The price also depends on the quality of the acrylic and the cut. Some of the simplest options can be cut with a saw blade, while the best surfaces can be cut with lasers and edge polishers.

“The price varies greatly depending on the complexity and execution,” explains Neubauer. “We usually recommend planning at least the number of acrylic invitations per piece””