Every wedding is unique. From a holistic barefoot celebration on the beach to traditional religious ceremonies, every couple has the right to define their special day. Of course, it all starts with a simple map. Wedding invitation cards give your guests a first insight into your theme, and improving the wording of your wedding invitation card is the first step.

We met with some experts to collect their information about the wedding invitation card. Here you will find a short guide to help you get started, as well as some examples for inspiration.

Tips for postcards for wedding invitations

Send them in advance.

“A wedding invitation is an element that guests can learn by studying wedding invitations, which are presented either individually as a card insert or as text on the invitation itself, ” says Valentina Ring, founder and head of the department of creation and placement of the main window of the site. The stars are in it. “Invitations are usually filled out and ordered from your paper merchant about four to six months before the wedding and sent out about two months before the wedding day.”

Give a clear deadline.

When you have sent the postcards, the waiting game starts. To avoid stress, specify a clear deadline. “I recommend setting it up a month before the wedding date,” says Ring. “Many providers require that the order details be filled in four weeks before the wedding. If you receive responses to your invitations by then, the process can become smooth and precise.”

Invest in suitable stationery.

They say the devil is in the details. When choosing stationery, make sure that they are suitable for an elegant effect. “If you have selected a separate invitation card that guests can fill out and send back to you, then, as a rule, appropriate envelopes are attached to it, which you must provide with the address in advance and keep in the buffer,” Ring advises.

Turn on the most necessary.

Do you want to know what to include in your wedding invitation card? We have what you need. As a rule, the postcard itself consists of the following elements:

A clear deadline for submitting an invitation, which your guests should pay attention to.
A way to mark whether invited guests will be present or not.
There is enough space for guests to specify exactly who can do this, including most.
All nutritional needs.
Add more information.

Before you seal your envelopes, ask yourself if you need to add more information such as your contact details and more. “You can add information about the dress code here, if you have not already done this elsewhere,” Ring explains. “You can also provide a phone number and an email address, or remind you of the URL of your wedding website.”

Leave an empty place.

Encourage your guests to be creative and share their thoughts with you. Having something written is an easy way to make your invitation cards unique. “If possible, leave some space in the invitation so that your guests can write special wishes or leave notes about their enthusiasm for your celebration,” explains Ring.

Create a table.

It’s time to put things in order. “A tip I always give to couples is to create a table in which each invitation sent matches a number, and then discreetly indicate that number on the back of the invitation card,” Ring explains. “So if the names of the guests are not found or are difficult to read, you will know exactly from whom the invitation was received!”

Break the traditions.

“The traditional wording for a wedding invitation is “Accepted with joy/rejected with contrition”, which is quite acceptable if it’s a bit boring,” says Tasha Newland, bridal designer and founder of the community of wedding clubs in the district. “We really like it when a couple wants nothing more than to spend their wedding in their own way and accept the personal side of the entire marriage. You can, of course, change the wording, add various wishes, customize the invitation to your wedding design and style yourself, and most importantly, you can come up with something original or even funny.”

Add a little creativity.

You don’t want your postcards to be an exact copy of the standard messages. “These invitation cards are a wonderful way to emphasize your personality and style,” says Ring. “You can really use your theme or aesthetic narrative! If you have a free place, you can make it more unique for you by asking funny questions, such as which song will definitely take you to the dance floor, ideas for dates or advice for the newlyweds.

“We want to somehow promote personalization,” says Alexandra Rembak, senior director and creative director at Sterling Engagements. “Sometimes it’s a message that appears in the first two judgments, and sometimes it’s about adding a line for a love note or a song request at the bottom. It’s a fun way to connect with your guests and set the tone for what’s coming next.”