Writing thank-you notes may seem like a daunting task, but we promise it’s not as difficult as it seems. In addition, we can assure you that the sooner you contact them and send them, the happier they will be!

First, let’s look at the structure of a well-written note. “In fact, a thank-you letter should contain only three simple elements,” says Elaine Swann, an expert on wedding etiquette, founder of the Swann Protocol School. “You should say thank you, name the gift and say something about the gift. That’s it!”

If you are still feeling depressed and insecure, we have collected tips, tasks and examples of thank-you cards that will help you in every possible scenario of a wedding gift.

Writing Tips

Organize yourself.

Make a spreadsheet of the guest list with their addresses so that you can send your invitations. (Yes, so early! This makes it unique to track where you should send your thank-you letters as gifts arrive. Your file should also indicate what you received, when it was received, the date of receipt of the card, and another column for useful notes. Remember: tables are your friends!

Start immediately.

“Start writing these notes to get gifts,” says Swann. This way you will avoid a huge avalanche of notes requiring writing. And the sooner you write notes, the sooner you can send them!

There is a system.

We know that opening gifts, especially in large quantities, can be such an exciting activity that there is an instinct to tear them apart. However, we recommend that you be methodical and record each gift as it is opened, in order to avoid losing or mixing information about the sender. You will be grateful to us for this after!

Work in batches.

Expect a lot of gifts and thanks after the wedding. The best way to solve this seemingly endless task? Write notes in batches. They spend an hour or two a day working on a set of cards so they don’t feel overwhelmed.

Divide the workload.

Share this task with your partner as much as possible so as not to miss a single party. Then divide the recipients into those who know the guest better. Advice from a professional: reward yourself with a romantic night after completing the task, so that the lesson becomes less boring!

Keep your stationery in the subject.

“It’s a good idea to find thank-you cards that match the wedding theme,” advises Swann. If you have a budget, order branded stationery with the same monogram or logo along with invitations. If not, don’t worry. “Just find something that matches the theme, color or style of your wedding,” says Swann.

Make it special.

When you write your thank-you letter, provide detailed information about the product, for example, what you like about it or how you would like it to please you. For example, are you looking forward to brunch with your new waffle makers? Write it down. This feature makes notes much more personal and exciting. The same applies to cash gifts. Tell the giver what you want to buy or how you are going to use his splendor.