Dreaming is a crazy day, but when you are planning a wedding, dreams take on a completely different meaning – literally. Since this is one of the biggest events in a person’s life, it’s no wonder that he dreams about this day and is surprised or even excited when he wakes up the next morning. But rest assured, dreams on the subject of wedding are normal and can not be completely bad, dream analysts Laurie Quinn Löwenberg and Lane Dalfen believe.

Dreams that can trigger a marriage are full of information that can potentially help you get through this very important period of your life, says Löwenberg. “If you’ve been preparing a wedding, you’re probably worrying every day, which is why you dream about it at night,” she shares. “These dreams actually help you plan, prepare, improve and fix your negative problems so that you can properly adjust to your wedding day.”

Dalfen adds: “In our dreams we test different solutions and possible reactions to people and situations in our life, and when we feel comfortable with each answer, we show behavior in our waking life. Sleep is a safe place where we can repeat possible answers.”

Although there are no two identical wedding dreams, everyone planning a wedding is probably inclined to see dreams with overlapping patterns. First, Löwenberg and Dalfen explain everything you need to know about wedding dreams and what they mean to you.

Why do we dream

Before we can understand what certain wedding dreams mean, we must first ask ourselves why we see dreams at all. Löwenberg claims: “We see dreams because we think. Dreams are a thought process, and our night dreams are an extension of our daytime thoughts.”

During the day, when we feel particularly worried about something, we actively look for distractions to push out unpleasant or passion thoughts from the periphery of our consciousness. However, when we enter a phase of fast sleep with dreams at night, we no longer have the tools and means to protect ourselves from these passion or non-threatening, but always devouring thoughts. Now Levenberg tells the brides: “We think on a deeper, more focused and insightful level, because our light is turned off, our eyes are closed, the outside world is listening — and now we are diving deeper into our mind, into our subconscious, thinking about our life, our relationships, our struggle, our goals, etc.”

Joint wedding dreams and their meaning

Do you want to know what your wedding sleep means? Here are 8 common wedding dreams, deciphered:

Sleep: Something is wrong with your wedding dress.

Dreaming about your wedding dress can indicate any concern you have about changes or adjustments, or it can mean that you are nervous about finding the perfect outfit, especially if you have not yet found the “same” one.”However, this kind of dreams can symbolize the current tension regarding your wedding dress. For example, Löwenberg suggests: “If you dream that you are trying to go to the altar, but there is a bear sitting on your train that will not let you move forward, you could interpret this as a body indication of the feeling that someone (maybe your best friend, your mother or your sister) is too authoritarian about your choice of clothes.”

Sleep: No one is coming to the wedding.

If you dream of an empty ceremony hall or you are introduced as a married couple for the first time and no one applauds, this may mean that you are afraid of dislike or recent falls explaining that one or more of your friends or family members will not attend your wedding. It can also mean, ” “You feel that your wedding day is not as important to others (your friends, your family) as it is to you.”

Sleep: You have problems with bridesmaids or you have other bridesmaids in your dream.

Löwenberg says that many of his wives were worried about what they would do to their bridesmaids in their sleep. “It is difficult to limit the few chosen ones who have the special honor and privilege of being called bridesmaid, so if you trade with those you have chosen, you can act because of an internal conflict or make yourself angry for something.” Conversely, the one who is close to you may be the ones to whom you feel particularly close at this crossroads. You may at least want to think about adding another bridesmaid if you are looking for her in a way that your other girls have not been able to imagine recently.

Dream: You are dreaming of your own wedding.

Perhaps you have been waiting for this day for a long time, or you are the last of your friends to get married. There are also so many deadlines for marriage that your dreams can prevent you from closing these windows. Löwenberg says: “Every time a deadline comes in real life, we often dream that time is running out in some form.”

Sleep: You are marrying someone other than your fiance or a name.

If you dream of marrying someone who is not your fiance, it could simply mean that this person “symbolizes a good quality, a mistake or a mistake that you are preparing for.” She adds: “When you go to the altar to find your true best friend at the altar, you can be relieved Feel relieved and relax knowing that you and your spouse have a strong friendship and that your marriage will be built on it.”

Sleep: you will not find a place for the wedding.

If you dream that you have lost yourself or can not get to the place of your wedding, this may mean that you are hesitant or uncertain in some aspect of your wedding plan.