Most of us grew up with a vision of what the “perfect” wedding of a variety of rom-coms, the wedding of the father of the bride and my best friend looked like. But perhaps one of the most notable is the wedding planner. This Hollywood movie inspired so many wedding planners to pursue their profession and gave the newlyweds the idea that a wedding could not take place without one.

It is absolutely true that a wedding planner is an integral part of the sales team that you can hire to make sure that your special day runs smoothly. But if you are planning a budget-conscious wedding, you can decide whether it makes sense or not to get one. Finally, if you’re covering all expenses for your big day — including venue, catering, band or DJ, photographer and videographer-a wedding planner can seem like one of the salespeople you could do without.

The average cost of a full-service wedding planner ranges, depending on the location of your wedding, and a day planner can range, according to Betsy Dawn, event planner and co-founder of the Wedding Planning Guide. “A wedding planner will spend countless hours coordinating all the details and elements of your wedding. When the day comes, they usually have one or more assistants to help them manage their big day,” she says. “For all these reasons, wedding planners are expensive.
In addition, we can not forget that you pay for all your years of know-how.”

If you can’t afford a wedding planner, it’s always beneficial to use some form of planning assistance. As any former bride will tell you, there are a million things to think about when planning a wedding — and you have enough to focus on being the bride or groom.

Fortunately, there are now wedding planning services that provide you with all the basic tools you need to put on your wedding planner hat. From calendars and checklists to handbooks and 101-here are some of the best new services to help newlyweds plan without having to hire a formal wedding planner.

The manual for planning the wedding

Co-founders Betsy and Elyse Dawn have compiled their 10 years of wedding planning experience in their guide to making a “wedding planner” accessible to more couples who want one. Her tips and hints plan your wedding from start to finish, including downloadable spreadsheets as well as incredibly detailed timeline creation tricks and tools. They even have a whole section with tips on how best to coordinate friends and family to help. You can buy your wedding planning guide alone, or choose to follow a series of two-hour video meetings to review any questions you might have, and record an email preview of everything that was discussed during each call.


If you are looking for a local planner that you can hire from hour to hour, or just for one-day support, you can do it with Plannie, the world’s first platform that provides local event planners. You can choose between three types of planners: a day planner, an hourly consultant or a recent times compliance agent, which is a new addition. A recent times compliance agent is actually a pretty important role. They essentially act as a room monitor for your big day – making sure people practice social distancing, answering any questions guests might have regarding security measures, etc. They even offer quick on-site tests in some matter. The cost varies depending on the organizer you hire. The average ranges from 50 per hour for a beginning wedding planner to 200 per hour or more with a more luxurious wedding planner.


Celebrity wedding planners Mindy Weiss and Debbie Geller have teamed up to launch this pretty awesome business that helps couples around the world plan an epic wedding — without having to hire a full-service wedding planner. Her 12-video program guides couples through the step-by-step wedding planning process, including everything from reviewing venue options to saying “yes” to the right dress. While the regular program, you can also choose a premium package with four live sessions.

The power couple

The Power Couple is a new wedding planning subscription founded by Jacquelyn Aleece, an IT wedding industry, and launched by the Wedding Plan & Company. From the team of wedding professionals of the company, each couple is combined with a dedicated wedding planner who offers a virtual wedding planning session once a month. Personalized advice is combined with a custom online digital planning dashboard, so you are sure to stay on track with personal support during the planning of your wedding. They are here to give you the 411 on how to choose a wedding dj or the right photographer, or simply to answer all the random questions that you won while planning yourself. You can even bundle the coordination of a month in your subscription to have your same wedding planner by your side on the wedding day. The cost is per month through an automatic subscription, but the advantage is that your subscription is automatically canceled on the wedding day, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to cancel or being billed after your big day.